my name is pénélope a.k.a les frontalières. i invest myself in a process called "archeopia : archéologie de la présence en interactions (archeology of presence in interactions)". the process emerged in my journey through lived experience, between the end of the year 2007 and the beginning of the year 2008. at that point and for the next 12 years, the process called itself "les fouilles poétiques (poetic diggings)". archeopia is the name that the process of "fouilles poétiques (poetic diggings)" takes since 2020. 

the general question that this process is asking, from the very beginning, is : 

what is improvisation ?

from there, in various situations, alone and with other people, we have been (and continue) exploring the diversity of states of presence and co-presence that are created by a cheerful and inquiring manner of crossing space, time, territories.


so in order to answer the general question we ask, we make experiences, experiments.

we dig in pragmatic and poetic matter, exploring and investigating ways of asking this question, again and again, in different contexts.

what is being delved through these poetic diggings since 2007/2008, slowly recognizes and organizes itself in three different fields of practices. i have been using the terms "les arts de l'attention" since 2016 in order to designate these fields of practices.

the first is the field of 'kindfulness' and mindfulness, or how we examine the lived experience from moment to moment and in situations that give us the opportunity to stay in contact with the details that are being perceived or felt, to analyze more than explore, what is this construct that we call 'reality', to dive in presence with an opening mind_heart. the specific question we ask here is : how is it made ? so this is the way we prepare and train our bodyminds.


the second field is about instant exploration and composition, in a very large way, namely practices that involve bodyminds invested with the intention of embodying themselves poetically through all the ways that make poetic embodiment possible. it can be drawing, singing, writing, moving, witnessing and any other languages that are available and to which we make ourselves available. 


the third field that invites itself in this process is about inquiry or reflective dialogue. the aim here is to reflect upon and from our lived experience, alone and with others, asking 'how', mostly. we use the technics of changing points of view and recalling the memories of the intersubjective_inner experience so as to unfold something about its structure or dynamics, with the support of descriptive verbal language.  

so we immerse ourselves in three fields of practices that seem complementary to us, and these three fields together, we call them "arts of attention". and we can summarize these three fields with three verbs, as follows : investigate, enact, nurture. this is what we are doing, in archeopia.

so at the end : what is improvisation ?

come join us and find out for yourself. 


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